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  • TS Optics 35mm 2" UFL okulārs

    • Ražotājs: TS Optics
    • Produkta kods: TSED35
    • Pieejamība: 1 - 2 nedēļu laikā
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Optikskais pārklājums: Vairākkartējs
    Fokusa attālums (mm): 35
    Šķietamais redzes lauks (°): 69°
    Acs reljefs (mm): 17.5
    Optiskās īpašības:
    Optiskais dizains: 6 elementi 4 grupās
    Svars (kg): 0.369

    TS-Optics 35 mm Ultra-Flat-Field Eyepiece with 69° Field of View
    The 2" ultra flat field eyepiece convinced with a very high standard of quality and a modern 6-element design. The optics is designed in a way that the field curvature is largely eliminated. The eyepiece is suited for all telescopes with a focal ratio of f/5 or slower. With faster telescopes the exit pupil would become too large, so light would be wasted.

    Further features of the TS UFL35:

    ♦ Special ED glasses for very good color correction
    ♦ Adjustable metal eyecup with rubber ring as support for eyeglasses
    ♦ Fully multi-coated with 99.98% transmission for maximum image brightness
    ♦ Elaborate internal baffle system against stray light and reflections at the edge
    ♦ Absolutely flat field without distorsion. The moon, for example, stays round even at the edge of the field and is not warped into an oval.
    ♦ Smooth 2" barrel with conical upper part without safety notch - no tilting in focusers with compression ring


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