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  • Pulsar EPS5 barošanas bloks

    • Ražotājs: Pulsar
    • Produkta kods: 79112
    • Pieejamība: 1 - 2 nedēļu laikā
    Garantija 2 gadi


    ... Apraksts latviski gaidāms drīzumā, pagaidām zemāk informācija angļu valodā (pieejama arī krievu val.) ...

    External power supplies feature greater capacity as compared to regular batteries which increases operation time of digital NV units and thermal imaging scopes several times. 

    The EPS5 (5Ah) is supplied with an extension cable. That allows to place it under clothes while using NV or thermal device in winter conditions as well as to increase operating time up to full discharge. 

    Technical Specifications

    Battery Type Li-Pol
    Rated Capacity (Amperehour Rating), Ah 5
    Nominal Voltage, V 12
    Voltage at end of discharge, V 8.9
    Charging voltage, V 12.6
    Impedance, mΩ, no more than 100
    Full charge time, hour 4
    Full discharge time (I=250 mA), hour 20
    Admissible voltage of domestic electric network in use of battery charger, V 110...220
    Body material Frameless (cordura case only)
    Degree of protection (acc. to IEC60529), IP Rating IPX3
    Mount type ---
    Length, mm 106
    Width, mm 75
    Height, mm 20
    Weight, oz 12.3
    Warranty, year(s) 1
    Cycle Life, times 500+


    • Main Charger Unit 110 … 220 V
    • Car Adapter (2,1 mm DC Socket)
    • EU Plug Adapter
    • Carrying Case with a belt strap
    • Extension Cord (1m)
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